The actor Philippe Lellouche will be the promoter of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Prestige, edition 2018!

” I have always been fascinated by cars and motorcycles and as soon as I could acquire them, it was the realization of a dream.

I pass from driving my Porsche to my Harley, with the same pleasure and the same feeling of freedom. Whether behind a steering wheel or behind a handlebar, I love the exhilarating sensations of driving. They take you elsewhere, in a different spirit, in an uninterrupted celebration of these prefect motors.

Presenting the show “Top Gear” gave me the opportunity to try all kinds of gear and it is a pleasure constantly renewed, that I discover new cars or motorcycles that have been polished by the passion of the brand or that of their owners.

It is for all these reasons that I am happy to be the promoter of Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat Prestige, waiting for this moment with Impatience. “

Philippe Lellouche